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Thermal Scopes and Zeroing for Arma 2

These two mods add more thermal scopes to the OPFOR side and add Zeroing to more ArmA2 weapons that should have it.

Thermal scope Armed Assault 2 Arma 2 download addon

Description: The Thermal Scopes mod isn’t meant to be realistic, as it gives the thermal imaging to FN FAL with the PVS-4 scope and to the NSPU version of the SVD. It’s purpose is simply to add thermal sights to more OPFOR weapons than just the AK-74 GOSHAWK.
This mod adds the Thermal scope to the FN FAL AN/PVS4, SVD NSPU, and rangefinder binoculars. It also modifies the Metis launcher so it doesn’t force you into thermal mode anymore. Its default mode is thermal, but you can now toggle betwen thermal and regular optics.

Thermal Scopes and Zeroing for Armed Assault 2 Arma 2 addon Thermal Scopes and Zeroing for Armed Assault 2 Arma 2 addon download

The Zeroing mod, however, is supposed to be a bit more realistic. Comments as to what weapons should really have a scope adjustment feature are welcome.
This mod adds the ability to zero in sights has been added to the following weapons: SVD (and variants), KSVK, VSS, XM8 weapon family, DMR, Mk12 SPR, AKS-74 PSO, AK-107 PSO, AK-107 GL PSO, M249 TWS, PKP, all Mk.16 variants without ACOG/RCO sights, all Mk.17 variants without ACOG/RCO sights, MP5, MP5SD, M4A1, M16A2, M16A2 GL, M16A4, M16A4 GL, M240, M249, M249 Des, FN FAL (and AV/PVS-4), Lee Enfield No.4, G36C (and variants), PP-19 Bizon (and SD), AK-74, AK-74 GL, AKS-74, AKS-74U, AKS-74 NSPU, AKS-74 GOSHAWK, RPK-74.
Weapons with RCO sights are now zeroed to 150 meters.
Weapons with ACOG sights are zeroed to 100 meters.

The binoculars no longer force you to use their “scope” when you select them. To look through the binoculars, tap right-click (the default key for bringing up iron sights).

Server keys are included in the files.

Download: TGW Thermal Scopes v1.25
TGW Zeroing v1.25

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